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I use this everyday and I feel its really helped me maintain and keep my weight low. I exercise more than regularly and eat good for the most part but i like to have the occasional cheat meals. without this I feel like I put on pounds faster. There are no side effects and no jitters. This is great!RadhikaHouse Wife, New Delhi
This product helps me keep my appetite under wraps. I take one in the morning with a lass of water and one in the late afternoon. I don't feel jittery but if I take one after 7 pm, I found that I don't go to sleep as quickly. It helps me keep those unwanted pounds off! I would recommend it.Priyanka Varanasi,
I definitely found this product to be worth the investment. I was skeptical at first, but it proved to be easy to take and digest, and it helped curb my appetite without making me feel jittery or off my game. I would absolutely recommend this to people who are looking for a natural way to positively impact their weight loss efforts.SubhashSoftware Engg.,